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New LG G4

Yesterday has got the new LG G4.

My previous phone was HTC One (M7). It has recently got an issue with the microphone and I was not satisfied with it's camera. Therefore decision was made to get a new flagship smartphone from and Android world.

After reading reviews about several phones online I have made a choice in favour of new LG G4.

Here it goes:

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SharePoint 2013, Office 365, Office Delve and Training

I have just recently run a SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 training/consulting session for a company that specializes in ERP software. The feedback was: "The training was great, it really showed us the WOW in SharePoint!"

Here's Office Delve which I first saw as "Oslo" at the SPC 14 in Las Vegas. In my opinion this is what really adds WOW to Office 365 and SharePoint:

SharePoint 4 Biz - Setting up Expense/Purchase Register

Very often we need somewhere to register purchases or expenses. There can be various reasons for that, but the main are:
- store all expenses in one register to categorize, approve, review, report etc.
- ability to upload scanned receipts for future claims, reimbursements, warranties etc.

So here's how it can be done in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online / Office 365.

Start with creating a content type - in our case it is Receipt:

1. Go to Site settings:

2. Select Site content types:

3. Click "Create":

4. Provide content type details. We suggest to create a new Group for it and inherit from Document content type:

5. Add site columns to the content type. We think the most important would be Purchase Category (Travel, Food, Activities etc.), Vendor, Amount, Purchase Date and Warranty Date:

Then we create a document library:

6. Go to Add an app:
 7. Select Document Library:

8. Provide a name (Receipts in our case):
 9. Go to Library Settings:

10. Go to Advanced settings, …

Major issues with SharePoint implementations

According to the recent AIIM's Market Watch Report, SharePoint: Clouding the Issues the biggest of the biggest ongoing issues with SharePoint are:
Persuading users to manage and share their content in SharePoint and not elsewhereExpanding the use of SharePoint for more business processesAligning governance, security and usage policies with other enterprise appsAchieving uniformity of classification and metadata structures

SharePoint consultant price

There is an interesting tweet I responded to today:

I think the price doesn't matter at all in the SharePoint industry. I have got customers who were provided with assistance from a highest level - price-wise - consultants who could deliver what they promised or when their work required further re-engineering.
Also there are good specialists on the market who wouldn't charge a fortune, but still are capable of delivering high-end quality solutions.

As we all know very well, the price of any good or service consists of rent of the assets, cost of labor and profit. In today's rush for diminution of asset prices and cost of labor the major portion of the price is profit for the service provider which is nothing to deal with quality of service.

There is another problem - not too many highly-skilled people on the SharePoint services market. However the price for the consultants is still considerably high.

Visio (.vsd) and Outlook (.msg) files - on upload don't allow to edit custom content type metadata

Have got an issue in SharePoint 2010 - when Visio (.vsd) or Outlook (.msg) files are being uploaded to the document library with custom content type, the edit form don't show any custom content type metadata, just the filename.

i.e. I have got a content type associated with the library:

but when I upload a Visio document, or Outlook file - the only editable part is file name:

I have done some research and found that if there is no content type, but just custom columns added to the library - they are displayed in edit form:

Also with the custom content type, for some reason SharePoint sets the content type of .vsd or .msg files to "Folder" not the content type of the library:

Submitted a question on TechNet forum:


Found the following article explaining partially why that may happen and also a solution: