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InfoPath 2010 Forms in SharePoint 2010 - Part 2

A new must-read publication from Wylde Solutions about implementing business forms using InfoPath 2010 in SharePoint 2010.

Process automation and implementation of forms is an important part of any business collaboration. Business process automation will increase efficiency and reduce costs and will also help organise the work of a business unit or a team or a single person within the organisation.

With SharePoint 2010 we have plenty of features that allow us to design and implement business workflows and business forms to take advantage of new technologies. When we use technology properly we benefit from having efficient business processes and thus better leveraging of our resources to achieve better results for the business.

This publication is a walk-through of the business process design and implementation using SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Visio 2010.

We will use a hypothetical Incident Management Workflow to showcase the process of:
Business form design and implementation u…

SharePoint 2010 License Upgrade


You have SharePoint 2010 Server Standard installed, but have got Enterprise license and need to upgrade license type of the SharePoint 2010 Server.

Sometimes if you go to Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration -> Convert License Type, you might see that you can't type your Enterprise license key into the textbox and there is no option to convert your license:

Some people suggest that this is because you have the Enterprise license key already entered and you don't need to upgrade. This is not true. There is just a different routine to upgrade.


1. Go to Central Administration -> Upgrade and Migration -> Enable Enterprise Features:

2. For the Select Feature Set option choose Enterprise and type in the Enterprise key into the Product Key textbox that will appear. Then click OK:

3. After some time you will see the message that SharePoint Server Standard has been successfully upgraded to Enterprise. Click OK:

4. Select Enable all sites in this …