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Document Set Content Type Issue

I have got an interesting issue with Document Set content type in SharePoint 2010.
Document Set content type.

Below are the actions I have taken:

1. Activated Document Sets feature on the Site Collection level

2. Created a Document Library

3. Set Allow management of content types to "Yes"

4. Added Document Set to that Document Library from existing content types

5. When I try to create new document with the content type Document Set I'm getting the following error:

"One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields".

I have posted a question on SharePoint Developer Center to resolve that:

Document Set content type issue

UPD: There was a Beta version bug. I published a new post about Document Sets recently to start illustrating how it works. It's here: Document Sets - SharePoint 2010 - Part 1

Working with Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2010

I have started playing around with SharePoint 2010 Beta recently. One of the most attractive features of the new version is Managed Metadata. It allows people to maintain metadata across the site collections.

Here's the quick sample of how you can use managed metadata in SharePoint 2010.

We have a list or library to store Customer Sales Orders. This list is located on several site collections. Our goal is to manage metadata for those lists centrally.
I have two site collections: and

Step 1. Create a custom list called Customer Sales Orders on both site collections.

Step 2. Add a managed metadata column called Sales Order Status on

Select "Customize your term set" option to create new term set called Sales Order Status. Then it appears in the list of available term sets to use anywhere else.

Select this custom term set.

Step 3. I have done the same for, but when I created a managed metadata…