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SharePoint 2013 - Setting Up External Content Type

There were earlier posts where we discussed External Content Types setup for SharePoint 2010: Setting up External Content Type for SQL Server database using SQL Server authentication - SharePoint 2010 Foundation External Content Types - Reload - Setting up for SQL Server database using SQL Server authentication - SharePoint 2010 Server This one is about creating connection to the custom SQL Server database (External System) in SharePoint 2013. 1. Create Secure Store Service Target Application 1.1. Go to Central Administration -> Manage Service Applications -> Secure Store Service Application. Click "Generate New Key" if required: 1.2. Provide Pass Phrase: 1.3. Create "New" to create new Target Application: 1.4. Provide the name and other parameters and click "Next": Note : It's good idea to specify "Group" for Target Application Type. In that case you would be able to manage access to the external

SharePoint 2013 - Newsfeed and Share

New Team Site on my new SharePoint 2013 installation is just amazing. One of the good new features I like is Newsfeed: So I wanted to add a picture and some message: Chosen the picture file and posted: My post appeared on the newsfeed: I looked into the Site Contents to see where those posts are stored and found the list called MicroFeed: The content of this list are items with the metadata values related to the posts: This is one item:  As far as I see the image is stored as an attachment to the list: Then I decided to share the site with Consulting Services department people. Clicked the Share button at the top right corner of the page and got a dialog box. When I started typing I have got the people list dynamically shown and selected the person I need: Selected the level of permissions: and hit shared: Then I logged in as a Consultant: I saw the post on the Newsfeed, Liked it and wrote a comment: The

Programmatically updating Validation Settings for list/library

Sometimes we might need to create, update or remove validation settings for the list or library: This can be done by modifying the following members of SPList class: ValidationFunction and ValidationMessage Example: SPList list = web.Lists["ListName"]; list.ValidationFunction = string.Empty; list.ValidationMessage = string.Empty; list.Update();

Useful PowerShell Scripts

Have started a project to collect some powerful and useful PowerShell scripts that are really handy when working with Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, SQL Server etc. Here you go: Scripts included in the initial release: create document library create site Content Type report on active Site Collection features  Will add more scripts there as I go.

SharePoint 2013 Preview - Moving files in Explorer View

In the recent post about using Explorer View in #SharePoint2013 I described the process of copying files. There were obvious problems with copying version history and metadata values across. Moving files in Explorer View works better: 1. 2. Version of the result file is correct and the metadata values are correct 3. Version history is exactly as per original document: 4. However there is a problem when I try to move the file from the target document library somewhere else: Will research that further. Stay tuned.