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Office for Windows Vs Office for Mac

I have been using Office for Mac 2011 for a couple of years so far.
It is missing some features that I'd like to have in comparison to the proper Office suite for Windows.
But it is alright for daily office related tasks.

However, today something very interesting was brought to my attention. I suddenly looked at the file size change after I opened the files in Office for Windows (Word 2007 to be precise) that were created in Office for Mac, changed two sentences in one file and one word in another and saved both:

1. Files created on Mac

2. Same files saved in Office after very insignificant update

So the Windows version of Office compress the files more efficiently.
Something to consider when you choose the working platform.

SharePoint 2013 Development and Consulting - Laptop & Conferencing Experience with Lync

Have just jumped on a brand new SharePoint 2013 massive Intranet project and because of specific working conditions have found some items that required addressing almost immediately in order to continue the job.

Maybe this will be interesting to someone else who is about to start SharePoint 2013 development to have an idea of what might be necessary.

I started working with SharePoint using my own infrastructure in 2009. I used iMac with 320GB HDD and 4GB RAM running VMWare Fusion to virtualise Windows environment (SQL Server 2008, standalone SharePoint 2007, Visual Studio 2008, Office 2007).
It was all-in-one virtual machine. A bit slow, but enough for any SharePoint work that I had at that time.

For communication with colleagues and partners we used GoToMeeting. Great tool that worked (and still works) without any problems. Voice, video, screen-sharing - all worked well using built-in audio/video hardware.

In 2010 I got a MacBook Pro with 500GB HDD and 8GB RAM. Same VMWare Fusion to …