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Visio (.vsd) and Outlook (.msg) files - on upload don't allow to edit custom content type metadata

Have got an issue in SharePoint 2010 - when Visio (.vsd) or Outlook (.msg) files are being uploaded to the document library with custom content type, the edit form don't show any custom content type metadata, just the filename.

i.e. I have got a content type associated with the library:

but when I upload a Visio document, or Outlook file - the only editable part is file name:

I have done some research and found that if there is no content type, but just custom columns added to the library - they are displayed in edit form:

Also with the custom content type, for some reason SharePoint sets the content type of .vsd or .msg files to "Folder" not the content type of the library:

Submitted a question on TechNet forum:


Found the following article explaining partially why that may happen and also a solution: