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SharePoint 2013 Preview - Project Site template

Really like the new home page design for Project Site template:

 Editing of tasks looks very nice:

 Ellipsis button near the item shows up the details with menu:

Calendar view of tasks:

Home page Project Summary view has got too representations:
- timeline
 - summary

Visio 2013 Preview - creating workflows for SharePoint2013

I really enjoy creating workflows and help businesses to automate their processes. That's why I was excited with the ability of Visio 2010 Premium to create workflow diagrams for SharePoint and then import them to SharePoint Designer for further modification. 
You can read about my experience with Visio 2010 here

Here's what we have got in Visio 2013.

In #Visio2013 Select a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Workflow diagram type from Software section:

Here you go:

I have quickly come up with some simple workflow design:

Checked the diagram:

 Tried to export to SharePoint:

 and got an error "This doesn't seem to be a SharePoint 2010 Workflow diagram...":

Well, I expected to create and export #SharePoint2013 workflow diagram.  Not now.

SharePoint 2013 Preview - Managed metadata column breaks the list view

Found the following strange behaviour when working with managed metadata column in the list view.

Add the managed metadata column to the task list:

If the view doesn't have this field:

or the column doesn't have any values:
all works fine.

If I specify the value for any item:

and then add the column to the view:

I am getting the following error:

I suppose it's just the Preview version behaviour and will be fixed before production release.

InfoPath 2013 Preview - SharePoint managed metadata columns are not supported

From #InfoPath2010 new version inherited another limitation - managed metadata columns (taxonomy columns) are not supported and you will not be able to include those columns in customized #InfoPath form for custom list.

Example, I have got a task list that has got a column called Vendor which is a managed metadata column and if I start customizing the form in #InfoPath 2013 for this list:

I am getting the following error:

Same as in #InfoPath2010

InfoPath 2013 - SharePoint integration issues

In #InfoPath2010 there is a couple of known issues when you try to integrate with #SharePoint Form Library:

1. Unable to submit Person or Group column values directly from the form
2. Unable to submit Choice column values that are multi-choice (checkbox list)

In #InfoPath2013 it's the same situation.


We would like to create a Form Template to use with Form Library in #SharePoint2013 site:

Form Library should have the following structure:

 Trying to publish:

Trying to submit the value from the People Picker on the form to the Requestor (Person or Group) column:

and getting an error "The data type of the selected site column does not match the data type of the field to promote":

Trying other option - DisplayName, same result:

Same with Travel Options (Multi-choice) column:

No-code solution in this case could be using Custom List instead of Form Library:

 and customize the list form in #InfoPath2013:

and publish:

SharePoint 2013 Preview - site contents

In #SharePoint2013 containers are called Apps. So when you go to Site Contents you will see "Lists, Libraries, and other Apps":

When adding a new list you will see "Your Apps" screen to choose the list or library type or some app:

New list:
Really like the new UI.

SharePoint 2013 Preview - Product Catalog site template

Product Catalog is one of the new #SharePoint2013 site templates.

What we see here:

- Custom pre-created site columns

- Custom pre-created content types

- Custom term store

- Interface to set up some search managed properties for Products list

- Custom list

I have added a new site column for Size:

Added Product Hierarchy terms:

Entered some product details:

I would implement an Item Number as an auto generated column.

Here you go, added some Product details:

Photos of jackets are from

SharePoint 2013 Preview - Access Denied message

That's how new SharePoint 2013 "Access Denied" message looks:

So simple! Some link like "Sign in as a different user" would be helpful.
Compare to the SharePoint 2010 message:

InfoPath 2013 Preview - URL not valid error when publishing

In InfoPath 2010 there is a problem when you try to publish a Form to a SharePoint site that doesn't have root site collection. You will get an error message "The following url is not valid".

It's described here:

The solution is to create root site collection for the Web application.

Same problem is with InfoPath 2013:

In my situation I didn't create the root site collection initially, but used "/sites" managed path instead for all site collections.
To solve the problem with InfoPath I had to create it. Used a new site template "Project Site".
Will get a chance to research that too. :)