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Docs for Facebook

Now we can manage Microsoft Office documents online with Docs for Facebook Docs are built using Microsoft Office 2010 and I think is a very interesting solution. I used Google Docs  for a while and I suppose Docs for Facebook will be a good alternative to Google Docs takeing to account that Microsoft's application will have full compatibility with MS Office document formats. :) Stay tuned.

Transfer SharePoint solution from VS 2008 to VS 2010

Scenario There is a solution for SharePoint created in Visual Studio 2008 for SharePoint 2007. The task is to transfer this application to Visual Studio 2010 in order to deploy the same functionality on SharePoint 2010. Initial solution structure 1. List Event Handler 2. Feature that on activating: creates a sub-site, content types, lists and initial data, registers list event handler for the list and sets up permissions for the sub-site 3. Web Part 4. Application page which is deployed to _LAYOUTS folder and where the Web Part is displayed. Ok girls and boys, the process 1. Create a new project of type Empty SharePoint Project in Visual Studio 2010: 2. When the project is being created select a "Deploy as farm solution" option: 3. Empty project created! Now we will add List Event Handler: We choose Custom List as a list type and "An item is being updated" as an event type to handle: The full list of available event types is as follows:

SharePoint Applications for iPhone

I have recently got some reviews for SharePoint applications for iPhone. There are four that more or less popular on the market: iSharePhone, iShare, Sharetica and ISP-Browser. Here's the link with some details about all of them and high-level comparison: I have recently installed iShare on my iPhone and will soon publish a review. Stay tuned. :) You could also have a look at the following books in regard to iPhone development: