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Version control in Office 365

When working with documents in SharePoint or Office 365, quite often files are named like "Project-Budget-Report-v1.55", "Project-Budget-Report-v1.56", "Project-Budget-Report-v2.0" etc. and stored in the same folder or library. This is to achieve version control from the user perspective.

This is not a good idea for the following reasons:

Storing redundant informationConfusion which version to use whenBrowsing though many documents to see what information/metadata changed if requiredVersion numbering should be automated, no time spent by the document author

There is a better way to manage versions of documents and to use tools already available to us in Office 365.

File name should not contain the version number in it. Every time you upload a document with the same name the SharePoint will increment the version number for you automatically in the current set up of our Office 365 site we use for customer documentation.

Then to manage the versions of the doc…