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SharePoint 2013 Preview - Copy documents in Explorer View

We have recently had a chat with Mat Hiley about #SharePoint2013 and he was interested in checking whether or not copying documents in Explorer View was improved from #SharePoint2010.

Here's how it works:

1. I set up a site with a sub site and uploaded a couple of documents to the document library which then have to be copied to
a) library on the same site - in my case it's a library called Migrate
b) library on a sub site - in my case - Secured Section

 2. My original document has got two major versions and metadata fields with some values - Security Classification and Amount:

4. Opened source library and target library in Explorer View:

5. Copied files to target library:

7. Now we see that the only version left is 1.0:

8. Also Created and Modified dates were set to the date/time when files were copied with obvious metadata changes because of version wipe out:

9. Now trying to copy files over to the sub site:

10. Same results:



I think it has not been addressed y…

SharePoint 2013 Preview - Item Menu

In SharePoint 2013 the Item Menu contains two screens. So now in order to edit properties or do something else you need to click twice:

It's not convenient and probably a way of pushing information workers towards using the ribbon interface:

Notes from Sydney SPUG session

Took some notes today @ Sydney #SPUG session "SharePoint 2013 -Technical Overview" facilitated by Aaron Saikovski from Microsoft:

Took some notes today @ Sydney #SPUG session "SharePoint 2013 -Technical Overview" facilitated by Aaron Saikovski from Microsoft:

1. Search is big in SharePoint 2013 + Exchange 2013

2. Managing risks

Central policies Audit policies RMS encryption Info protection and prevention policies Secure configuration for published environments Protect and preserve 

3. Manage costs

Adaptive cross-premise environments with public and private clouds Comprehensive I/O performance across disk & data Storage optimization with Shredded Storage Application aware routing and management ñ max availability and protects from attack Unprecedented scale through Distributed CacheSocial and security tokens ñ claims. Rich navigation and performance reduction through Minimal Download. Reduce bandwidth. 

4. Manage time

Resilient and simple automation with PowerShell…

LinkedIn discussion about Content Type as Feature

Have got some good conversation about Content Type Hub and alternative solution that I suggested in the recent post:

Details on LinkedIn

Content Type as Feature

Content Type Syndication Hub is a great feature of #SharePoint2010 and upper.
In the following post I described it in detail:

However in some scenarios this feature is not the best approach.

In many organisations there is usually a set of #SharePoint farms that may include all or some of the following:

Development (DEV) environmentTest (TST) environmentUAT environmentProduction (PROD) environment
Ideally the process of creating some custom #SharePoint work may look like:

Create #SharePoint artifacts in DEV and package themCopy the packaged artifacts from DEV to TST, install there and testRework the artifacts if there are issues in DEV then copy and test in TST until it all works wellCopy the packaged artifacts to UAT, install there and allow end users to testRework if required until UAT is completed without issuesCopy the packaged artifacts to PROD, install and test The process above may exclude TST o…

SharePoint 2013 Q&A - SBS

Have recently got a question regarding SharePoint 2013:

"How do I create the service accounts can't find sql managment studio installed on virtualbox host os is SBS 2011 Essentials"


I think service accounts should be created in AD, not the SQL Server. If that is what was requested.

As per SQL Management Studio on SBS 2011 Essentials it should be SQL Server 2008 Express. Then you might need to download the SQL Management Studio Express from Microsoft site here: