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People Search Result URL Shows ":80" Suffix for HTTPS


There is a MOSS 2007 farm with Shared Service provider configured to use as a My Sites host Web site.
Two Alternate Access Mappings were created for My Sites Web site:

Default Zone:

Extranet Zone:

In IIS this is a single Web site with aditional binding for https on port 443.

If you search for people using Extranet Zone mapping for the SharePoint Web site in the search result the URL is

After installation of Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Servers search result Web site URL for people looks like which is wrong, because there is no Web site on port 80 available using https:

Some ideas are explained in the following article:

People Search Results adds a :80 Suffix to results on an External Facing Site

And cosmetic workaround is provided in the following article:

How to remove something (the port) from the URL as returned in the search results (search…