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SharePoint 4 Biz - Viewing Document Versions

One of the most common questions I hear from business users and information workers - can versions of the document be viewed in SharePoint? When document version history is enabled for the document library in SharePoint then all versions of the document and it's corresponding metadata can be viewed at any time. Here's how it happens. 1. The document was created and added to the document library as version 1.0: 2. Then at some stage the text of the document has been modified: and became version 2.0: 3. Now if we want to view the previous versions we go to Version History for the document: We can see all versions and what metadata values were changed at each stage. 5. To see the actual document in certain version, hover the mouse over the Modified column value for the selected version and click the hyperlink that appears: The version of the document will be opened in a corresponding application: 6. To see the metadata values, hover