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iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot on Optus Prepaid

Recently I decided to try the Personal Hotspot feature of iPhone 4, but found some obstacles.


When I try to activate or set up Personal Hotspot on my iPhone:

I am getting the following message:

"To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact OPTUS". It means I can't use that feature of my phone.


I use prepaid mobile service from Optus with iPhone 4. I bought my phone directly from Apple and it's not locked to any mobile service provider. As a part of my prepaid service I have got some data which is "mobile Internet and can be used within Australia for internet browsing and downloading content" (from Optus site). I pay for mobile services and data.

I contacted Optus as per message above in Twitter. Here's the conversation I have got with Optus representatives:

The details are on my Twitter account @SlavaGorbunov

The says "Please note: iPhone Personal Hotspot / Tethering is not available with Pre-Paid mobile …