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Docs for Facebook - First Try

Yesterday I got an invitation to start using Docs for Facebook in BETA. I was really excited and rushed to edit and upload documents into the system to try how that works. Ok, let's see what I have got. First of all I entered the system and hit Create a new Word Document menu command: Here it is: I quickly ran through the menu tabs: For me it was enough from the Web document editor and I started editing a document: I work on iMac and use Firefox as my main browser. When I tried to copy something using context menu the system told me this: That is not a big issue for me, because hot keys worked alright as I expected and didn't stop me from comfortable authoring. I inserted a couple of images: Played a little with fonts. By the way it's not a huge range of fonts that are available at the moment: Changed document title: And here you go: Freshly baked Word document online. :) Now I want to change security on this document. I want some of

Access Denied when user tries to create page in SharePoint

Situation On a Publishing site user tries to create a page: But gets an Access Denied error: Solution The cause of this error is that user has permissions to the Web site, but doesn't have access to Master Page gallery. So we need to go to Master Page gallery settings: and give users access to this library. At least Read access. I, in my case simply inherited permissions from the parent: That helps. And of course some more books and movies for you: