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User Profiles Synchronization - SharePoint 2010


Synchronize User Profiles with Active Directory for a new SharePoint 2010 installation or for existing SharePoint 2010 installation.


1. Go to Central Administration -> Manage Service Applications -> User Profile Service Application settings. Select Configure Synchronization Connections:

2. Click Create New Connection button:

 3. In the Type dropdown select Active Directory. Specify service account that has access to Active Directory and click Populate Containers to select objects that you want to import from specified Active Directory:

4. When the new connection is created go to Edit Connection Filters action screen:

 5. In our case we want to synchronize only active user accounts. So we add Exclusion Filter for Users as Attribute = userAccountControl, Operator = Bit on equal, Filter = 2. Which is exactly the the same as LDAP query (!(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))
Then click Add:

6. When the Exclusion Filter appears click OK to save settings:

7. St…