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SharePoint 4 Biz - Sync Office 365 Email with iPhone

More and more people are getting aboard Office 365  platform. Sometimes there is a situation when it's required to synchronize your email account with iPhone (iPhone 4 in this case). Here's the step-by-step guide that could either be used personally or forwarded to your system administrator for implementation: 1. First we have to confirm the email server details. 1.1. Open your Office 365 home page and click "Options" menu item under "Outlook"section: 1.2. On the appeared account information page follow the "Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access..." link: 1.3. Leave the settings page opened or make a note of the following details:  2. Synchronize your email account with iPhone. 2.1. On the phone, go to "Settings" -> "Mail, Contacts, Calendars": 2.2. Select "Add Account...": 2.3. Select "Other": 2.4. Select "Add Mail Account": 2.5. Provide summary of your

SharePoint 4 Biz - Saving Office Documents Directly to SharePoint

One of the quick options to save Office documents (such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint) to SharePoint is as follows: 1. Go to the SharePoint Web site, open the document library that you want to save your document to and copy the library URL to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C): 2. In the Office application - i.e. Excel - on document Save, paste the URL of the document library into the "File name" box of the file save dialog: Click "Save" button. 3. In the appeared document library browser just click "Save" to save the document into the library directly or choose a folder within the library and then click "Save": That's it.