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SharePoint 4 Biz - Setting up Expense/Purchase Register

Very often we need somewhere to register purchases or expenses. There can be various reasons for that, but the main are: - store all expenses in one register to categorize, approve, review, report etc. - ability to upload scanned receipts for future claims, reimbursements, warranties etc. So here's how it can be done in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online / Office 365. Start with creating a content type - in our case it is Receipt: 1. Go to Site settings: 2. Select Site content types: 3. Click "Create": 4. Provide content type details. We suggest to create a new Group for it and inherit from Document content type: 5. Add site columns to the content type. We think the most important would be Purchase Category (Travel, Food, Activities etc.), Vendor, Amount, Purchase Date and Warranty Date: Then we create a document library: 6. Go to Add an app:  7. Select Document Library: 8. Provide a name (Receipts in our case):  9. Go to Librar