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Showing posts from September, 2012

Useful PowerShell Scripts

Have started a project to collect some powerful and useful PowerShell scripts that are really handy when working with Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, SQL Server etc. Here you go: Scripts included in the initial release: create document library create site Content Type report on active Site Collection features  Will add more scripts there as I go.

SharePoint 2013 Preview - Moving files in Explorer View

In the recent post about using Explorer View in #SharePoint2013 I described the process of copying files. There were obvious problems with copying version history and metadata values across. Moving files in Explorer View works better: 1. 2. Version of the result file is correct and the metadata values are correct 3. Version history is exactly as per original document: 4. However there is a problem when I try to move the file from the target document library somewhere else: Will research that further. Stay tuned.