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Display SharePoint Lookup column in custom application

The task

We have a SharePoint list with a column of type Lookup. We also have an ASP .NET application where we need to display this SharePoint column as a drop down list.


1. In your ASP .NET application inside the event where you create your controls - i.e. CreateChildControls event - write the following code:

DropDownList drp = new DropDownList();
SPFieldLookup lkp = (SPFieldLookup)spField;
Guid gG = new Guid(lkp.LookupList);

SPWeb web = ... // initialize your SPWeb object

SPList list = web.Lists[gG];
foreach (SPListItem item in list.Items)
ListItem litem = new ListItem(item[lkp.LookupField].ToString(), item["ID"].ToString());
// put some error handling here...

// spField - is an object of type SPField you can initialize it like the following:
// SPField spField = your_SharPoint_list.Fields[index or display name of your lookup column];

2. If you want to save selected values from you drop down …

Working with Structured Data in MOSS 2007

I have recently worked on a project which involved InfoPath Forms Server and I've come across the following set of articles by Reza Alirezaei: Working with Structured Data in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

It describes Configuring Single Sign On Service and Database, Exposing LOB Data, Browser enabled InfoPath Forms settings and some SharePoint Designer aspects in regard to the subject.

SharePoint Designer - Data Views - Using Server Variables as parameters

Today I have come across the task to filter a Form Library where one of the columns - which comes from InfoPath form - stores the login name of the SharePoint user. Like DOMAIN\account. I needed to filter the Form Library documents for current user.

First I tried to use the filter column = [Current User] - didn't work.

Then I have found the following article on SharePoint Designer Team Blog:
Data View / Data Form: Parameters You Don’t Know About

I have created a DataView parameter called UserLogin:

and used it to filter the Form Library:

That helped.