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SharePoint 2013 - Newsfeed and Share

New Team Site on my new SharePoint 2013 installation is just amazing.

One of the good new features I like is Newsfeed:

So I wanted to add a picture and some message:

Chosen the picture file and posted:

My post appeared on the newsfeed:

I looked into the Site Contents to see where those posts are stored and found the list called MicroFeed:

The content of this list are items with the metadata values related to the posts:

This is one item:

 As far as I see the image is stored as an attachment to the list:
Then I decided to share the site with Consulting Services department people.
Clicked the Share button at the top right corner of the page and got a dialog box.
When I started typing I have got the people list dynamically shown and selected the person I need:

Selected the level of permissions:

and hit shared:

Then I logged in as a Consultant:
I saw the post on the Newsfeed, Liked it and wrote a comment:

The comment appeared with the status that I liked that:

Then I wrote some work-relat…