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Document Sets - SharePoint 2010 - Part 1

Hi again, in this post I am going to demonstrate how set up and start using Document Sets in SharePoint 2010.
In Beta version there was a little problem when working with Document Sets. You could see the discussion around it here: Document Set content type issue. Now it is fixed and I will show you how to set up Document Sets properly to also use Keywords.

1. Activate two site collection features - Document Sets and Document ID Service:

2. Select a document library settings where you want to implement Document Sets. In my case it is Shared Documents. When you have selected the settings go to Advanced settings and then allow content types management:

3. Add an existing content type called Document Set:

4. Now I want to create a new Document Set. I have a sales opportunity and I have two documents related to this sales opportunity. So first I select New Document -> Document Set command, then provide name and description and there it is:

5. To check if our Document ID is working just view properties of a newly created Document Set:

6. To add documents to the Document Set open it and select Upload Multiple Documents command. Then you will see the upload form:

One comment though - the Upload Multiple Documents control will only work in IE browser, I tried Firefox on my iMac and it didn't work.

7. Drag the documents from Windows Explorer or browse for them and they will appear on the upload screen. Then hit OK and they will be transferred to the Document Set:

8. OK, no we can work with those documents as with one file. Which is great and give us some advantages in a daily business activities. Now I want to add keywords to my Document Sets so I can use them for information management.

9. Go to document library settings and add Keywords column from existing columns to the document library. Don't forget to check if the Add to all content types checkbox is checked. :)

10. Now if I create a new Document Set I can provide keywords:

11. Another big thing about Document Sets is that we can run workflows on them too. In my case I want an out-of-the-box approval workflow to be run on them:

12. Another interesting feature is that you can select which column values for the Document Set should be automatically synchronized to all documents contained in the set and also which column values should appear on the Document Set Welcome page. To make this happen just go to Document Set content type settings and select the column you want to use:

When it's done check if that works. I provided a Customer Name for my Sales Opportunity and then the Customer Name value appeared on the Welcome page and also is available as a metadata column for the documents containing in the Document Set:

Alright. We have done a good job - in a matter of a couple hours the functionality is available that in previous version would take minimum couple of days to implement - to start with.

If you have any questions in regard to Document Sets, Document IDs and Keywords for your business or you need assistance - contact us now for a consultation.

Stay tuned for more articles from Wylde Solutions.


  1. We'd like to only have specific content types in the document set, and remove the default Document content type. After adding custom defined content types, and trying to remove the default Document, we have a message saying "Content type in use". Any ideas?

    Thanks, Frederik

  2. Hi Frederik,

    Do you have documents already in your document set? If yes than this might cause an issue. If not then need to research.

    Best wishes, Slava

  3. In the document set settings, under Default Content you need to remove the Document content type (even if you have no default documents at all); otherwise you can't remove the default Document type from the list of allow content types.

  4. Anonymous raised a good point too. Post the results here if possible.
    Best wishes, Slava

  5. Hi,
    I have two content types say A and B having metadata columns.I am also using these two content types in a Document Set content type.I have also set two shared columns in document set settings.I have also uploaded word templates for A and B having server properties as well.
    When i attach the content type A and B with a document library and create a new document from any of the template A and B, it works fine with all server and document properties.
    Then i attach the Document Set with the same document library and create a new document from the document set template it still works fine with all the properties.
    But after attaching the Document Set to the library and then creating a new document from the templete A or B,the server properties that i have set as Shared Columns in Document Set are not available.
    Any idea why it is so..?

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    So do you have a document library where you have three content types assigned: Content Type A, Content Type B and Document Set?

    And then you have some columns that are the same for all those content types, right?

    You are saying that the server properties that you have set as Shared Columns are not available. Where they are not available?


  7. Hi,
    The server properties that i have set as Shared Columns are not available in Word document's DIP when i use either template A or B. I works fine with the Document Set template.

  8. Hi Slava,
    Waiting for your response..

  9. Hi Anonymous,
    I am busy at the moment and didn't have time to research this issue.
    Your question was "Why is it so?" It's not easy to answer, because I haven't seen your SharePoint environment in detail.
    Maybe that's the behavior you should expect in this situation.
    I will get back to the scenario you describing when I have time and will post my outcomes here.
    Best wishes,

  10. Hello Slava,
    I wanted to get your thoughts on this: If you have a document set that contains multiple content types, and you conduct a bulk upload, the content type assigned to all documents uploaded are the default content type. Is there a way to assign the content type before content is added to the document set?
    Thank you.

  11. Hello Tim,
    I see a couple of issues here that you probably need to address:
    1. It will probably be a scenario where you will update a content type after the document is added to document set
    2. You should probably develop a custom solution that will allow to manually map the documents you are uploading with the content types that are available in document set, because otherwise how are you going to figure out what content type for what document? Then the same custom solution should put the documents to the document set and assign content types.
    This is how I see the possible workaround.
    Let me kno your thoughts.
    Best wishes,

  12. Can I ask you how you modified the columns in the Doc Set Contents web part. By default mine is showing Type, Name, Modified, Modified By, Rating and Checked Out To. I want to only show Type and Name, but I can't seem to modify this view.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Van Hornsby,
    I didn't modify the Document Set Contents web part. It's just the screenshots don't show the full screen with all the columns you mentioned I think.
    I had a quick look and couldn't find yet any easy way to modify the columns you can display on that Web Part.
    If I come across something I will update the post.

  14. Hi Slava am using documents set and apparently everything is fine, but I need a view where you can see the files in the current management believes add a page using a webpart library and perform Corresponding filter does not work does not obey the instruction (Management field you add me), I beg you to answer me if you know because the filters do not work

  15. Hi

    I have configured a workflow on document set library, each document set has a "Status" column. when user uploads a new document in the document set, a workflow triggers and I want to access the status column (which is in document set content type) in my current workflow. workflow is triggered by the document being uploaded how can I access the the column in document set that contains the current document?


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